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Company Name: Apple Inc
Category:Pollution & Toxics

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August 2018 Apple Inc Pollution & Toxics Best Ethical Consumer rating for its toxics policy

January 2017 Apple Inc Climate Change Greenpeace Clicking Clean Report rating

September 2016 Apple Inc Pollution & Toxics, Habitats & Resources, Workers' Rights Sourcing of tin from Indonesia

September 2014 Apple Inc Pollution & Toxics, Workers' Rights Repeated violations at Chinese supplier

1 September 2011 Apple Inc Pollution & Toxics Accused of mishandling dangerous chemicals

November 2010 Apple Inc Pollution & Toxics Rated for pollution in China

2007 Apple Pollution & Toxics Shareholder resolution on toxic chemicals

2007 Apple Inc Pollution & Toxics Positive u-turn on chemicals and take-back

April 2006 Apple Inc Pollution & Toxics Computer "takeback" and recycling scheme introduced in USA

June 2005 Apple Inc Pollution & Toxics Takeback policy for iPods in USA