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How to use Corporate Critic

View Stories

This page provides the detailed information on which rating decisions are made.

Each story will have a Primary Reference containing an abstract from a named and dated publication explaining a rating decision or summarising an incident, listing or criticism.

Where more than one abstract exists referring to the same incident (such as a pollution event) or type of report (environmental report), they will be grouped together under the same story.

The Primary Reference is usually the most recent or detailed criticism. Other abstracts will be called simply Reference or in some cases Historic Reference, Negating Reference or Corporate Response.

Each stories page only displays ten stories. To view the next ten abstracts, use the back button on your browser to return to the search results page. Click on 'next 10' from above the View Abstracts button.

Search results pages have blue up/down arrows at the top of each column. Stories are normally displayed in date order with the most recent first. Companies are normally displayed alphabetically. However, clicking on the blue up or down arrows allows you to sort the search results by the contents of different columns.